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Chelsie is the Chief Executive Officer of Rollettes and started Rollettes Experience as a small dance camp with 7 girls in her hometown of Monterey, CA almost 13 years ago with the dream of one day bringing hundreds of women with disabilities together for education, community and dance. She leads the planning team each year to expand the event to support more women with disabilities from across the US and globe here in Los Angeles.

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Since 2019, Conner has been dancing and choreographing for the Rollettes dance team. She currently serves as Team Captain and Content & Marketing Director for Rollettes. Conner is an executive producer of Boundless Talent Showcase and associate producer of Rollettes Experience. She executes all social media content and outreach throughout the RE weekend all while serving as a special guest choreographer.

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Joe has been working with Chelsie and the Rollettes team as manager since 2016 and associate producer of Rollettes experience since 2018. With an extensive career in dance performance and creative directing, Joe now also executive produces Boundless Talent Showcase and a significant role in the planning and execution of RE and it's events. 

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Bria is the Chief Operating Officer of Rollettes and started working for Rollettes in 2015 when Rollettes Experience was just 12 girls all piled up in Chelsie's 1 bedroom apartment. Over the years, she has had an substantial role in developing the event and making it what it is today as an associate producer of Rollettes Experience.

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Renee has been a member of the Rollettes family since 2017 when she first attended RE. Since then she's helped expand our Boundless Babe Mentorship program, has been a Rollettes Experience Ambassador and is now our Rollettes Experience Outreach Coordinator. She manages initial attendee communications and questions and has the vital role of helping our team stay organized, connect with other organizations and prepare for the most important weekend of our year.  

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